Thursday, November 12, 2020

Not everything is about romance, sometimes it's about attitudes!


For about 6 or 7 months I haven't really been able to read. Let me tell you a little about this. My usual genre is contemporary romance or womens fiction and now with the political climate, coronavirus, and just downright hate in the world the one thing I love most I haven't been able to do. You might be saying to yourself "suck it up, it's just reading" but it's not. It's something that so many women do for fun. They do it to recommend to friends and family and they do it to relax from the day. Some of us haven't relaxed since 2020 began. I'll be really honest about something else - I'm probably guilty of reading half your book and 3-5 starring it and calling it a day because we've been told to. PR companies really just want the stars and don't care about the contents. I know because I've actually been told this that it doesn't matter as long as I just put something in the review and throw 5 stars on it and to be perfectly honest I just don't love this genre anymore. What started out as something fun has turned into a drama llama and I hate that. Authors arguing with fans and fans boycotting authors, authors no longer caring if the fans that made them who they are even bought their books because it doesn't fit in to their political narrative. Authors spreading hate on twitter because they can and then their Twitter posse can bully whomever they want. THIS is not what I signed up for. I signed up to read books, talk books and share a love of books with women of like mind when it comes to BOOKS. Not this cancel culture of hate that we have going on. We have CD Reiss who is attacking conservative all day every day and they are her READERS?! Why do you think that your PR company that handles your books keeps sending emails for ARCs - because you are setting yourself on fire. I don't care what your political affiliation is but calling your readers dumb is shooting yourself in the foot. 

THIS is what is wrong with Facebook and Twitter today, along with indie publishing. At least, with traditional publishing those publishing houses hold you accountable. I'm so disenfranchised by what I've read and heard authors say this year that, no I don't want to read your books. It's any free speech. If we say we didn't like a storyline because we felt that it wasn't true to life, you feel you have the write to email and tell us that you couldn't care less what we think and don't read it. Since when did authors start doing this? Is this the new norm now? Feeling that you're better because you "write some words" and some just aren't good. Anybody can throw 75 percent worth of sexual content into a book and call it a work of art especially if you're the one calling it art. 

I've decided that a genre switch for a while is in order and it may last a month or it may last a year. I don't know. I just know that burnout on authors who I used to enjoy reading and who I used to enjoy interacting with - I just don't anymore and maybe it's because I changed as a person. Maybe I grew and decided that I wanted more out of the reading material than they could give. We grow and mature as people and just sitting back watching some things in the book community has made me realize that I'd rather just be a reader on the outside because the drama on the inside isn't worth the books that are being put out.

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