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Tacet a Mortuis, the third installment in Amo Jones's Romantic Suspense Elite Kings Series is AVAILABLE NOW!



Hail to the king, and watch him reign, this game was somewhat fun, until the finale came…
Now we’re here, with carnage and despair, and the only questions left to answer, are the ones that do not appear...
A king loses a war, and a swan sheds her wings, chaos collides with peace, as the crows begin to sing…
Enter if you dare, because I swear the end is near, but nothing is as it seems, and everything is so bare.
So what the f*ck is going on at Riverside, I think, I think... everyone is about to die....
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My Review

What can I say about this book that’s not gonna make me sound like an absolute gob?  I didn’t really like it.  I wish I did because I’ve been looking forward to it for months, which might be why it rated so low on my scale.  Maybe I was in a foul mood while reading this book…I don’t know, but I’m reading everything that people are saying about “How strong Madison is” to “How empowered the character Madison is” and I’m sitting over here going…”Did y’all read the same book I just read?”  Seriously?? 

Let’s break this book down into real life, shall we?  If this had happened in real life…most all of these men-children would be in jail serving death row.  Let’s be honest and throw some realism on this b****.  There’d be some lovin’ going on, but it would be in the big house.  My problem with this book is probably gonna get me in trouble and I just don’t care…this book doesn't portray what real love is.  Real love is about men stepping up and being men.  It’s not about pushing boundaries and seeing how far you can push someone until they break emotionally.  This bothered me to my core.  If you’re gonna write a novel, whether it be suspense, romance, erotic romance...whatever – then fine…but to have a man treat a woman how the hero and heroine treat each other is in complete opposite of what the book is trying to “so call portray” and the women who read these think that it’s perfectly okay to have a man call you a derogatory term….it isn’t.  It’s not okay to make your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend bleed for extracurricular fun.  It’s not okay to hit your significant others.  I don’t care who you are and I don’t care if you’re doing it during playtime…if it’s taken out on someone in the moment of anger – it moves beyond that.  This is why we have a slew of information on the internet about rape culture and assault.  This is why we tell our children early on about the right to say no, why we give them proper information about when and why it's okay to say “no” and that just because books like this make it seem like it’s romantic to have “hate sex” - it’s not.  It’s disturbing.  I wasn’t going to DNF because I was going to get all the way through this book because I work in mental health and I wanted to see if maybe there was a message in this book…BUT THERE IS NO MESSAGE!  It’s glorified rape culture and a girl who likes to be passed around to a bunch of guys because she can’t make up her mind her body stop.  

I have never read a book and thought to myself “I know this author has daughters and for her to write this, makes me alarmed.  Not just as a professional in the mental health field, but as someone who wouldn’t want a child to ever read that.” 

There were so many characters in this book that they blurred together and after awhile I was writing down who they are.  Bishop was making decisions that thirteen-year-olds make and I was like “Dude if you don’t like what your girl is doing…then have a conversation with her, but getting drunk and then dragging her all over and chastising her, berating and generally acting like a douche isn’t cool.” 

I could write a page on Madison and here’s why – the chick is crazy.  She’s just loco.  Maybe it’s me and maybe it’s the fact that she talks like a 9th grader who’s been watching Buffy reruns, I just don’t know.  I think the author is a great author, so don’t get me wrong.  I feel like she wanted every detail in this book and it showed so much that it clogged up the storyline.  I also feel that a lot of the stuff that was in here just wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea.  It didn’t flow the way that the other books did and that’s okay because some people will love this book, but for those looking for a different point of view this is it.  I had a lot of issues with the inner monologues that rambled…it went on forever and although I won’t ding this a one star, I probably won’t three star this.  Will I read another book by this author?  Yes because every author has a book come out that I might not like or they might have a book that is different than what I perceive as being “morally acceptable” however, that doesn’t mean I scratch them off my list.

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