Monday, March 6, 2017

Review: Hard Play

Hard Play Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ex-special forces ranger Dylan McCourt is a stone cold killer who cares only about his military brothers and doing what’s right. He’s used to giving orders and has zero patience for bulls***. Most people tremble when they look him in the eye, but not his infuriatingly sexy new rescue mission, Jessie Lyon. She just juts her chin and says she’s not leaving without clearing her father’s name, to hell with his rules. And was that a one finger salute he sees in her eyes or his imagination? Either way, he knows this is one job his training might not have prepared him for.

For fans of Maya Banks’ KGI series, prepare to meet the men of the Delta Force Brotherhood, a sexy new contemporary series where kicking ass and living hard is just how they roll.

Jesse's been working undercover trying to take down a mobster, seconds away from collecting everything she needed before she was captured. She set up a signal with her best friend that if she hasn't "checked in" for a few days, her friend is to try and find her. But she's going to need help and that's where the Brotherhood that bend rules to get things done come in. Dylan rescues Jesse and now he's not sure he want's to walk away from her. He's head of the Delta Force Brotherhood and when Jesse's captor's doctor a video showing her as a murderer, he has to work to clear her name.

I'm a definite fan of Maya Banks' KGI series and this really reminded me of that. If you like romance with action and drama, then this book is for you! They had instant chemistry and I loved the interchange between Jesse and Dylan. There are a lot of Alpha Men introduced in this book so you know that it's an introduction to the books that are to follow. I think for the start of the series, it was an awesome start. I will definitely be reading the other ones. My only issue was all the sex in it...I think we could have had a lot more plot and less sex but that's my personal opinion. I'm just one of those that believe less is actually more. It didn't detract from the storyline, however. Overall, I thought this was a job well-done.

I was given a copy of this ARC from the publisher on NetGalley for an honest review. All of the above comments are my express opinions and no one else's.

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