Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review: Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You Somebody Like You by Donna Alward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aiden Gallagher was only five years old when he appeared in a photograph on the Kissing Bridge. The town of Darling, Vermont, has used Aiden’s image on the famed bridge—local legend has it that a kiss there results in everlasting love—as part of its tourism campaign. Now, twenty years later, Aiden is asked to recreate the moment with the woman he once kissed: Laurel Stone.

Recently divorced, there’s nothing Laurel wants less than to pretend happily-ever-after with Aiden. As teenagers, their romance was no fairy tale—and Laurel has never quite forgiven Aiden for breaking her heart. But now that she is back in her hometown, and keeps bumping into police officer Aiden, Laurel can’t deny that there’s still a strong flicker between her and her old flame. Could it be that the Kissing Bridge is working its magic on Laurel and Aiden—and that all true love ever needed was a second chance?

I'm a giant Donna Alward fan and I've found that every book she writes I like. The next one more than the first one. Aidan was an awesome hero and I want one of him for myself. The reason that women like me read these books are because authors like Ms. Alward know how to write romance. Not erotica but real romance. This had sweet build up and sometimes it was bumpy. I liked that. I like small town police stories that have folk lore behind brings back memories of childhood and that makes for a 5 star read. Aidan could cuff me and put me in the back of his police car any day and I wouldn't really a matter of fact - I might give Laurel a run for her money!! She was great as a heroine but I would have rather knocked her to the side to take her side...wink wink!!

Get this book, because it is worth the time and effort to read!

I was given a copy of this ARC from the publisher on Netgalley for a honest review. All of the above comments are my express opinions and no one else's.

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