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Review: Making Waves

Making Waves Making Waves by Laura Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A self-made woman with a sweet, successful life discovers that even the best-laid plans are no match for unexpected passion in this brand-new series from award-winning author Laura Moore.

As the responsible daughter of an irresponsible socialite, Dakota Hale has plenty of practice catering to the whims of the rich and spoiled—and she’s turned that experience into a thriving concierge business serving the needs of the Hamptons’ wealthy elite. But living and working among the upper crust has never tempted Dakota to follow in her mother’s jet-setting footsteps. Anytime the drama on land gets too outrageous, Dakota finds calm surfing the Atlantic waves. But when sexy mogul Max Carr hires her, it rocks her balance in a big way.

Max works hard, but he’s never had to put any effort into winning over a woman—until now. With her stunning beauty and keen intelligence, Dakota is worth the effort. But it’s plain she has no interest in a casual fling, and that’s all Max with his grief-stricken heart can offer. But one fraught night changes everything, with consequences neither Dakota nor Max anticipated. Now they must navigate the rough waters of society gossip and devastating secrets that threaten their fragile relationship. If they can trust in the strength of their growing feelings, they’ll find that the dreams they’ve been chasing are close enough to embrace . . . together.

I must say this was a good book. I loved Dakota except she lets people walk all over her. Piper - what can I say about this woman, other than she's crazy, self-centered and the mother (if you can call her that, I just call her the breeder of Dakota) she was that loathsome!!! And yes it gets worse as it goes on! She has a sister, Dakota's aunt who is an evil, conniving, blood-sucking parasite. Is that a little harsh? Does that sound like I'm a little bitter and wanted to at times slam my kindle into the wall or run it over with my Corolla? Why yes, yes it does. The whole family hated Dakota because she was illegitimate and she kept going back...Why? I would have been like...Peace - out and given the finger but not Dakota. They never let her forget her illegitimacy and threw it up in her face every chance they got and I have to say if it had been me - I would have not taken the high road and sticks and stones route.

Her breeder mom was a lush and a slut who slept with anything with 2 legs or is it 3 legs? :P She would constantly describe the details of her exploits to Dakota, like that girl wanted to hear that trash!! I say "Girl, run and stay away lest you get fleas and rabies!!" All her life she wanted a dad and she finds out that her blood-sucking stench of a mother has been lying to her (big shock...NOT.) She knew who the man was that got her pregnant. So, Dakota finds out his name and goes to look for him.

They live in a super rich neighborhood where Dakota runs a concierge business called Premier Service and if her clients wanted something - she provided it. From cleaning houses to buying food, booze, ice cream for kids - you name it and she got it. All her families she provided for loved her.

Her uncle goes and sells her grandparents mansion to a man named Max Carr and he hires Dakota to stock, remodel and furnish it for him. He looks at her and she looks at him and's on!! Max though is a hard guy and no nonsense. He's all about work and money, money and work. Throw some sexy, sexy, sexy in there and that's Max!! Max...Oh Max!! Max blamed himself for his twin sisters death since he was 18 years old and his mom's death a year later because his Dad told him he was the reason they were both dead...What is it with these horrible parents?? Max, of course leaves home brokenhearted and becomes a cold-hearted man - not feeling anything until meeting Dakota. She teaches him to surf and they form a kind of friendship - then the sex happens lol!!

The cast of people you come to love in this book that I thought were standout - Hendrick!! The gay Psychiatrist was just a sweetie - I wish there was more about him. He was a father figure to Dakota that she met when she was in middle school. He gave her her first job watering his plants, raking his leaves and a friendship was born. He also bought her the first surfboard she ever had! I love Hendrick and I think we all need a little bit of a Hendrick in our lives. Her friends, Alex, Gen and their kids - Which as a side note can be found in the story "In Your Eyes."

I'm not big on sex scenes and I think the Lords name could have been avoided and not been in there but the majority of books today throw that in there constantly so comparing it to other books - it wasn't OTT. I could have knocked stars off for that but I don't believe in doing that just because a book has that. If so, every book would have 1 star!!

*****Spoiler Alert*****
I had a really hard time believing at one point the ending. If you are in labor, HARD LABOR - You don't go for a stroll along the beach while you're water is breaking and you just keep strolling!!!! Honey child, you are screaming "Where are the drugs and drive to the hospital NOW!!!!"

Overall, I thought this was a worthwhile read and would read it again but skip over the mom parts cause she sucks life out of people!

I was given a copy of this ARC from the publisher on Netgalley for a honest review. All of the above comments are my express opinions and no one else's.

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