Monday, February 20, 2017

In Honor Of Those You Love And Lose

I didn't know growing up that everyone wouldn't have my opinion...say what now?  I was an only child so there was an assumption that I was always right.  That's my email address.  I've had it since I was in high school and there was dial-up.  You're probably thinking that you're always right but that would be a wrong assumption because two people can't always be right.  That's a high improbability - look it up.  That and my Grandma Butcher told me this and she was never wrong😁.  At least, I like to think she wasn't.  What can I say about my Gran Butcher?  She was awesome!  She loved me more than anything in this world and that was a fact.  My heart was hers and hers was mine.  She may have had my dad and uncle but I was her sunshine. She even sang the song to me and believe you me...she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.  There was just a little unknown fact about my Grandma...She was cray-cray.  She would tell me it was raining outside when the sun was shining so I wouldn't want to go outside.  You might be thinking to yourself - are you for real right now?  Yes I am and then people wonder why I'm ghost pale.  It's probably because she scared the light from my skin.  I'm really an Albino with really good makeup coverage😂😂.  Seriously, these are all true stories.

See Grandma had a problem with telling little fibs about things pertaining to things she didn't want to do.  Like if I wanted to go upstairs and she didn't want to...She'd tell me the vacuum cleaner was going to eat me.  See, for a 5 year-old that's terrifying but for a 10 or 12 year-old it was kind of funny!  It wasn't just funny, it was hilarious especially when she'd park the vacuum cleaner at the top of the stairs and I'd have to pee.  I'd have to pee a lot!! So, I learned that if I had to pee, I'd just have to hold it til I got home. Hopefully that wasn't 10 hours down the road!! Now, I know you're thinking that's cruel but it's really funny because Grandma didn't know she did this.  She was just extremely to the max.  It really started because she parked the vacuum cleaner up there to scare Mugs, who was her dog and scared of everything anyway.  You could blow on him and he'd run bless his heart.  So she thought it would work on me - but telling me it would eat me kind of backfired on her because my mother is a true mother bear with claws and teeth. It's a good thing she didn't see Grandma as a steak LOL! She would claw your eyes out if you looked at me wrong, but that's another story.

I remember when she told me I couldn't go down to High's or outside because it was raining out.  Now it wouldn't have been so terribly funny if it wasn't 70 degrees, spring and sunny and we hadn't just walked in the door.  Yes, my Grandma had her little quirks but I'd give anything to have them back.  You see once something is gone, you give anything to have it back. My cousin, Rachel didn't really get to know her like I did.  I got 19 years with her and even though that really wasn't enough - Rachel didn't get even half that. I'm the one that got to play house, grocery store and cash register with her.  I'm the one that played tea set, coloring books, pens and dolls.  I got to walk to High's and Drug City and pick out whatever I wanted but it was never about what she gave me.  I got all her time and love.  I have her memorial etched in ink on my back for eternity until I draw my last breath.  She's the person who loved me on the day I first drew breath, and I'm blessed to have loved her the day she drew her last breath.  She will forever be written on my skin as she is forever written on my heart.  Some people stay a short while and leave a lasting impression.  There were people she didn't like and she made it quite known but she loved her family more than anything.  To me, I saw what no one else could see and that was someone who accepted me just as I am.  She never tried to change me, mold me or make me into anyone other than who I was.  She never put me in dresses or pigtails.  Never told me to use my indoor voice and she never told me to eat an apple.  Maybe she should have but she didn't because she wasn't my mother.  She was my Grandmother and no one will take that place and one day I'll see her again.  She'll be standing beside my Grandfather, Maude, and my dog Shelby waiting with open arms to tell me that SHE was always right when she said that I could be whatever I put my mind too and not to let anyone tell me differently.  She might have been a negative Nancy in almost every aspect but when it came to me she was positive I would do great things and when I do something I wonder if she would be proud.  I wish everyone had a Grandma Butcher or at least got to meet her.

In Honor Of Grandma Butcher and Maude

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