Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cause My Grandma Told Me So!!

So in a couple months I'm going to be 40 and I know those of you out there that know me are saying "What? No, not you!!" Well, I am. I have all these things that I want to do - Like Tandem skydiving, Race Car driving (I know some are saying I do that now in my little Toyota Corolla - my reply is SHUT UP!) I'm looking at 10 day cruises and trips to Cancun. The thing is...I'm SINGLE!  I can do all this and not feel guilty that I'm leaving someone at home and that they're gonna starve or miss me.

My dad keeps making snide remarks like "did you take your meds bipolar Betty" and my personal favorite "what personality wants to go on this trip?"  They don't seem to realize that I've spent my ENTIRE life taking care of them.  I don't see it as a burden and I don't regret it but I woke up the other morning and realized that not only can I die tomorrow but what stories are my family going to tell about that I did? I haven't done anything worth telling.  I'm kind of boring.  I've worked since I was 16 and I haven't stopped.  I've treated my parents like my kids and I'm determined to make my forties the best.

I want a party when I die.  I don't want anyone grieving and crying - I want some partying and y'all I want some balloons that say "She went home!!!" I want people to say she lived life to the fullest and even though she didn't have any children or a man - she was an awesome role model for women of all ages and that it's okay to NOT have one!  It is better to be alone and satisfied than with someone and miserable.  My Grandmother is a prime example of that.  My Grandfather is the most sad person ever.  He didn't have the greatest upbringing but you are not the product of your environment because you can change.  Do you hear me? Are you getting what I'm saying out there people? You don't have to blame your past for who you are today.  You can break free from what is keeping you captive, held down and come into the light and live up to the potential that you were meant for.  My Grandpa has always been a bitter person and he's been married to my Grandma for 65 years or longer and she's been miserable almost all that time.  Now, if it were me....I'd poison his a...tail and call it a good day. Not my Grandma - She prays for that man.  I wouldn't even have it in me to make him an egg without throwing some arsenic on it and calling the funeral home for a fitting...I know it's harsh but I'm just that way.

If anyone could get Grandpa into heaven, it would be Grandma.  That woman has a 911 line to Jesus.  I swear!!  I know I shouldn't swear but I'm swearing because she is like a walking bible.  She cannot remember what she ate yesterday (unless it's one of mom's chocolate chip cookies or 12) but she knows her scriptures backwards and forwards.  It's amazing she hasn't held Grandpa hostage and beat him with the Holy Bible til he relented or is it repented?  He should do both!  IMMEDIATELY!

Everything I learned in my life, I learned from Grandpa (You're thinking what the heck) or should I say I learned what NOT to do.
  • If you love money...give it away. 
  •  If you covet possessions, give those away. 
  •  Work hard, work hard and work hard some more because laziness isn't an option.  That's the only thing that I think is a really good lesson.  The coveting of money and things...yeah, I'm not a coveter!! I go out of my way to be poor just so I don't come to love ❤ money.  It's kind of sad actually.  
  • If you're given money, spend it on someone else, it will make you feel better. 
  • Money is your no, Jesus is and you need to give that money over to Him and let him guide you with what to do with it.  That doesn't mean you be an idiot with it and throw your money away and not pay your own bills!!!! Do you hear my preaching??  If you are in DEBT - pay off your debt!!! Then give others the excess. Don't throw this crap around about God will take care of you because nine times out of's gonna be yo family that is gonna take care of you! Do you hear me?  This is because you keep dropping hints at how bad you're doing, all the while you're blowing your money on stuff "for other people" that you say God "laid on your heart."  God didn't lay that on your heart...He says in his word to be good stewards with your MONEY!!!  That means pay your bills and don't make anyone else pay them. Am I talking to thin air here?  Didn't think so.  Moving on.

When you walk into a store and go "Do I want this or need it" that's a problem.  It also stems from my father asking from the time I was five years-old that question.  Some of you out there might be scratching your head and asking yourself "Really?"  Um...YES!!!  I distinctly remember my dad asking me one day when I wanted an expensive pair of jelly shoes, if I needed them or if I wanted them. Well, I didn't need them per se but I sure did want a pair...I still want a pair.  Which reminds me that they are selling them on Amazon for $13.99 now.  I might buy some cause I want them.  I never got the name brand, I got the generic at Roses for $2.50 and they tore my toes up!!!!  The point is...Not everything in life you're meant to have.  Sometimes those things you wanted you really didn't need.

People today need to realize that not everything in life should be handed to you.  You're not owed anything and you're not guaranteed everything.  My father went without more times than I could count to give me what I needed not what I may have wanted.  It taught me a really good life lesson for when I got older.  My grandmother has taught me not to poison people you don't like (JUST KIDDING!!!) Actually, she taught me to persevere even when you want to give up and hate the one you're with.  She taught me that loving is easier than hating and that there are no colors in the world.  God doesn't see color but he does see ignorance and ignorance isn't bliss.  So be like Grandma...don't poison Grandpa!!

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