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Review: Wild Kisses

Wild Kisses Wild Kisses by Skye Jordan
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Wild Kisses
by Skye Jordan

Newly divorced, Avery Hart returns home to Wildwood eager to take on her dream opportunity and transform her family’s dive bar into her own bakery. The contractor for hire isn’t just a master with his hands—he’s big, built, and wears a tool belt like nobody’s business. Despite being an ex-con, Trace Hutton is irresistible. Too bad he’d never go for someone as inexperienced as Avery.

Trace needs to focus on the job at hand, not daydream about smearing icing all over the sexy baker…and licking it off. This job is the key to getting his construction company back on its feet after his time in prison. Besides, no one deserves a fresh start more than Avery, and she certainly won’t get that with him.

After a delectable night of passion (and pie), Trace craves something more. But he’ll be damned if he’ll let his checkered past crush her dreams. And as Avery starts to realize how Trace fulfills more than just her physical needs, she struggles with whether to let her history decide her future, or explore the wild new possibilities of forever…

Skye Jordan is a must read for me. I absolutely love her Hockey series and this series is no exception. I fell in book boyfriend love with Trace. He's got issues and insecurities and that just makes him all the more attractive in my opinion. He's been to jail and served his time but the townspeople will not let him forget that. He's paying his penance and trying to make it in this world when he falls for Avery. Avery is the BEST heroine ever!!! She's kind to everyone and you just fall in love with her. She's been hurt by everybody. Everybody's left her at one time or another. Her ex-husband, her sisters, her mother, her father and she's tired of having that happen. Now she just wants to have a fling with Trace. She's opening a bakery and he's helping her renovate it and get everything ready to get it open. I was rooting for this couple at about 20% and I read it in one sitting. I loved the secondary characters and was glad we got to see them again. They were awesome. I'm gonna have to go back and read it again. I fell in love with Zach, Traces brother and you get to see that it's not Trace that was the wildchild but Zach. I won't give spoilers but Trace and Zach's dad is just sad and it breaks your heart when you find out what Trace gave up.

I did not like Austin who is one of the cops...he was such a little abusive snots. He gives all cops a bad name and I was so hoping that he would get his in the end. Then there was J.T., the guy that Trace knew in prison. I know that books have to have a bad guy but this guy made me want to shank him. That makes for a great book!! When you feel so much that you want to beat your Kindle just hoping it reaches your bad guy...you've read a great book from a great writer.

I didn't find alot of grammar issues and I didn't have any paragraph problems. It was refreshing. Her editor obviously does her job and does it well.

Now, my one critical issue was the language...it's not for the faint of heart. You can't let your teenager read this. There were so many GD'S that I lost count and felt it unnecessary and Jesus' name in vain that it was redundant. The sex scenes were also abundant and left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination...and I mean nothing. Sometimes, I thought it was over the top. Like, having sex on the counter with acidic mango juice and then using it as lubricate? Everyone knows that this will cause some irritation or a yeast infection. No one wants that!!! Plus, I imagine it would burn a little.

Overall, I will definitely put this on my "I will read this again shelf." I found it to be heartbreaking at times and I felt what Ms. Jordan was trying to convey to the bottom of my soul. I will be gifting this to my friends when it comes out.

I was given a copy of this ARC from the publisher on Netgalley for a honest review. All of the above comments are my express opinions.

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