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Review: Lord Sebastian's Secret by Jane Ashford

Lord Sebastian's Secret Lord Sebastian's Secret by Jane Ashford
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

He's hidden this shameful secret all his life...

Lord Sebastian Gresham is a battle tested soldier and brilliant strategist. Yet all his life he's had to hide his complete failure to decipher letters. In his own mind, he's just stupid. What a miracle it is that he's found the perfect bride. Lady Georgina Stane is beautiful, witty, and brilliantly intelligent. Sebastian is head over heels in love, proud as a peacock, and terrified. If she finds out, he'll lose her love forever.

This book was a tough read for me. I kept putting it down and picking up another book for inspiration to finish this one. The sex scenes were hard to read and not because they were steamy and inviting. It's because they're just so odd....like the author has never had sex. For example: A country upbringing had shown her a bit about mating. She could see clear evidence of Sebastian's unsated arousal. "I should do something for you," she said. She had some ideas on that score. She reached up.

A country upbringing? Like watching cows mate? Really? I hate giving criticism on a book because I know how much time and effort goes into it but that's just wrong on so many counts. Also, the formatting is a tiny bit distracting for me especially with all the paragraphs.
There are so many different characters in this book that you really need to keep a journal. There's an Indian, a priest, an eastern magician, a couple dogs, a couple brothers, some sisters in law. I expect that there's going to be a clown at some point. I mean I keep waiting for this guy to grow a pair and he doesn't, he's stuck on his big secret.

At one point, I almost thought the author took a vacation and let a ghostwriter finish a couple chapters. The heroines (Georgina) father was eccentric and over the top and now he's a major bully. I won't let any spoilers go as to what he's taunting the hero about but it's a total DNF move. I would put the book down if I wasn't writing a review. I didn't really like Sebastian's one brother and I'm not sure I'd even read his book. I did like Randolph. I just didn't see the big deal with the humongous "secret" and I wouldn't have spent almost 400 pages keeping it a secret. I'd say at 25% it would have been great to just reveal it. All the drama of keeping the secret was enough to make me have heartburn and take some tums. I read to relax and this book made me take 2 Xanax and follow it up with chocolate. I'm gonna have to hit the gym after this book.

There are a few grammatical errors with sentence structure. For example: "Well, if we want run papa through with a saber, that might be helpful," There should be a "to" in there.
The book had some funny parts because it seems like all the people are crazy...Seriously, all of them are crazy. There's not a sane one in the lot.

Would I read this again? Or gift it to my friends? No, I don't think so. For the price of this book, I'd say save your money and buy a Lisa Kleypas or Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel and save your Xanax for another day.

I received this book for free from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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