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Interview with Christina Phillips

Interview with Christina Phillips:

Thank you so much Christina for taking the time to answer a couple questions. 

Thanks for having me, Christa!

1. As an author of sexy romance, what are some of the biggest misconceptions about the romance genre as a whole, in your opinion? 

The big one I guess is that I write porn. Um, that would be a no. I don’t write erotica, either, and this is quite a common misconception. Erotica is the sexual journey of the character, with no promise to the reader that love will be found along the way, and doesn’t necessarily end in a happy-ever-after. Another misconception is that romance novels subjugate the heroine and therefore the reader. It makes me wonder when the last time these people actually (if ever) read a romance book.

2. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would it be? 

Ooh, hard one! I have actually collaborated with a couple of author friends on two boxed sets. Although we each wrote our own novella, the stories are connected through the heroes, who are brothers, and each box set has an overarching storyline. That was huge fun to do, but also a lot of work juggling the details. I don’t actually know who I’d like to co-author an individual book with! Probably someone who shares my ridiculous sense of humor!

3. Is there one passage or line you've read that's ever stood out for you, either when working on a book or reading one? 

I’m currently writing the third Viking Bastards book, BURNED, and there’s a line near the end where the heroine, Jas, thinks about Ty, and I just love it, because those few words sum up Ty completely:

The bad boy I fell in love with grew into the best man I ever met.

4. I'm very interested in what motivates you to write characters that you do...For example, in your new book it deals with the MC world - How much of that is research and how much is real life? 

Funnily enough, the idea to first write MC books came to me a couple of years ago when two writer friends and I were thinking of writing a boxed set together. We did some research, and ultimately decided to write something else. But the seed had been planted, and when Entangled asked if I’d be interested in writing some bad boy bikers for their Scorched line, I totally jumped at the chance!

I did a lot of research online, so I had an idea of the life. But while my Viking Bastards are tough, badass guys, I write romance, and my heroes never cheat on their heroines once they’ve connected. I’m not a fan of cheating in romance so although that is certainly a part of “real life” you won’t find that aspect in any of my books.

5. How do you juggle family commitments and everyday life with squeezing in the commitment and discipline it takes to write? 

I have NO idea how I juggle everything! Quite often all the balls just crash on the floor and I’m rocking in the corner whimpering  I’m a terrible procrastinator, and can be found playing on Facebook when the writing gets tough (which is quite often!) Luckily I have a couple of amazing writer friends, who are also my critique partners, who help keep me in check!

6. Last question and thank you so much for answering these. If you were quarantined and unable to be around civilization and therefore people for 3 months and could only have 3 items, what would they be and why? 

Well, do fur babies count and if so can my three kitties count as one item? No? LOL! Okay  I’d take my laptop, loaded with all my books from the iPad, so I could catch up on my reading (and do some writing!) I’d also take a coffee maker with plenty of coffee so I could feed my addiction of daily lattes because trust me you do not want to see me when I’ve gone without! (coffee, that is…:D ) hmm, I guess Jason Momoa is off the table with the no people thing…in which case I’d take a spa bath! Because, bubbles! 

I think everyone agrees that Jason Momoa is the go-to for everything LOL!!! Hooked Releases February 6th, 2017.  Check it out and Pre-Order it.  It's worth reading and I'll have my review up here soon!  Links are below to order.

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