Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Die Welt unter der Lupe - zu Lande: Ausmalen und durchatmen

I ADORE this book!! It's not a big fact, it's kind of a smaller book and at first I was kind of disappointed but as I started looking through the book and coloring a flower I began to see the awesomeness. The paper has the right tooth, the right size to it and it's easy to finish a page but also easy to start and stop at a minutes notice. I really loved this artist's style and someone else mentioned the thicker black lines - I actually love those!! I think it gives the pages character. This is definitely not a JB type coloring book and if you're looking for "her type" this isn't it. Rita Berman has her own style that's unique to her and her alone and although I've only just now expanded to reviewing Coloring books, I can say that Ms. Berman did an amazing job to make each page different and special.

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